Basil Seedlings

Basil Seedlings
I love Basil – the taste, the smell, the lushness of its leaves. Everything about it makes me hungry. Now is the time to start off Basil seedlings. I put these in a few weeks ago and placed them in my mini-greenhouse. They were through in a couple of days and are doing well. I sowed some Purple Basil a couple of days ago which I will plant next to the green Basil once it’s big enough. Purple Basil is worth growing if only for its small pink flowers that stand out against the dark purple background. Both taste pretty much the same so one variety is fine, but in my opinion, you can never have too much Basil.

8 Comments on “Basil Seedlings

  1. I’ve had a terrible time getting any basil to germinate this year. On previous years, it seemed to happen really easily. I think I may be doing something dim. I’ve got some Purple basil seeds so I’ll try those and try again with the non-purple ones too,

  2. heh heh – mine look like that too :) But I’m sure I will kill them off before long. Planted them in peat pots as I read a tip about it somewhere…

  3. Mine looked like that about 2 weeks back, until some kindly slug in my cold frame sneaked in and ate them all. With that lesson learned the next lot are growing nicely on a windowsill.

  4. I have sweet basil going in peat pots at about the same stage and it seems very slow to grow even though it is in the greenhouse.
    Hopefully have some for when the tomatoes are ready :)

  5. I agree with you, can’t get enough basil especially when the beefsteak tomatoes have ripened.. sliced with olive oil, sea salt, black peppper….ahh.. roll on Summer!

  6. Basil is pretty slow growing until the weather really warms up. Then it goes a bit crazy!

  7. I Love Basil! I have found it hard to grow herbs from seeds. I have some peppermint that looks just like your basil. I am hoping it will grow a little quicker so I can use some this year.

    Happy Gardening!


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