Broadbeans are sprouting

broadbean sprouting
Surprisingly, the broadbeans I planted a few days ago are already showing! Once I had planted the soaked beans I put them in the airing cupboard to keep them warm. Then once the soil showed that tell-tale mound in the middle I moved them to the windowsill. I’ll be putting them out under the cloche in a few days.

5 Comments on “Broadbeans are sprouting

  1. Must be the airing cupboard that worked it’s magic. I sowed mine the day after yours but nothing yet!

    P.S Loving the blog. I’m starting my 2nd year on my plot and can’t wait for spring!!

  2. Will you be planting them out under the cloche or keeping them in pots under the cloche?

    I really love the blog its an inspiration and looks great too, I’ve been following now for a couple of months now.

    I hope to grow broad beans for the first time this year, this is the start of my 2nd year and first with the blog in tow. Kind Regards Alastair

  3. Hi Alistair, I will put them out in their pots but under a cloche. That way they will harden off and in a month or so I can plant them in the ground.

    Broadbeans are pretty hardy and you can sow them direct into the ground but I’ve not had good results with that in the past – either the beans rot in the soil or they disappear all together (prime suspect – the mice!).

  4. I’ve had most success sprouting the peas in toilet roll tube first and then planting out – that way no holes in your row where they don’t sprout. Any spare plants can just be dug into pots/spare land and rewards reaped over the summer! Great blog – think I’ll be trying the tartletts next year with my 18 red onions in the ground and another 30 to go in!! eek!! great blog by the way – will be borrowing tips for the forthcoming year! Cat x

  5. Great tip Cat! I usually reach for the loo roll when it comes to sweetcorn but I’ll be checking out that technique with the broadbeans next year.