Gutter peas

It was raining today but I was determind to sow some peas. Last year we sowed our peas directly into the soil. They germinated okay, if a bit patchy. But to be honest the main problem was that I was a bit lazy and didn’t bother to support them. Consequently, they fell over once they grew tall and the mice had the lion’s share of the crop (damn those mice).
We went pea stick collecting a few weeks ago and brought home some decent twigs to support this year’s crop. We’re also employing the guttering method for seed sowing. We’ll be keeping these lengths of guttering in the cold frame until the peas are at least and inch or so long and then they will go out on the plot complete with pea sticks.

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  1. What she said! What she said!

    My peas last year were frankly crap, pathetic, leggy and embarrasing…. This year I mean business.

    I direct sowed “Early Onward” today as well, in the rain n’all. But due to the rodent issue I also sowed some in pots as a back up. I’ve only put in – 12 seeds so far as I want to try and sequence the row over a few weeks, geting up to aboput 48 plants.

    I suspect it’ll come to nothing as along with decent carrots, peas are my bete noir – but the anticipation is the thing!

  2. I have sowed all my peas and beans indoors. I dunno if that’s right, but they seem to be healthy.

  3. Hi Wizer, I might have a go at that too if these peas are not successful. There is always time to put them directly in the ground if both fail. So I’m hoping to have peas whatever happens this year.

  4. The gutter idea is great. Here is Seattle the snail and slug problem is paramount. Getting the peas off to such a good start in the gutter would probably help that problem. I’d like to ask then if you just set the whole gutter in the garden, inserting the support poles along it – or do you gently transfer all the dirt and young peas from gutter to garden? If you do keep the peas in the gutter, have you made drainage holes? Thanks!

  5. Peas are easy. Presoak the seeds as for sweet peas. (24 hours in water – drain and leave for 48Hours) Those that produce a small root are ripe for sowing. Those that don’t – soak and drain again, Lightly abraid the seed ( emery board/nail file) if no germination and soak again. The gutter system works well but don’t overwater before pushing (gently) the entire thing into a pre- dug trench. Cover trench with fine nylon mesh. Set mouse traps or offer a different enticement until plants are established. When 4 inches high insert pea sticks and heighten mesh. Happy pod popping.

  6. Victoria – My plan is to sow the peas in the guttering which I have cut to the length of the final bed that the peas will go in. At the moment the guttering is in the cold frame (no shows yet though). Once the peas are a couple of inches long and growing strongly then I will transfer them to the bed by sliding the whole row off the guttering and into a pre-dug shallow trench. I shall enlist the help of my under gardener to help me with this. That’s the plan anyway – I’ll let you know how I get on!
    By the way, sweet pictures on your site of your lovely cat enjoying the sunshine.

  7. ****NEWS FLASH*****
    The peas have sprouted – blimey that was quick

  8. Really interested in the peas-in-guttering idea; I’, going to have a go. I think shorter lengths will be easier to handle though.

  9. Agreed David – I had to cut mine to fit in the cold frame but that means I can hold them without them flopping all over the place. ps. I looked at your web site and it looks very …academic… :)

  10. Glad you ….. enjoyed it?
    My main worry at the moment is these sharp frosts (-1.5 last night) I have rashly got some Suttons Amateur Outdoor tomatoes growing away in a cold frame ….. I hardly dare go down the garden to see what they are up to! Well – it.s not too late to sow some more.

  11. I’ve had a go too! I cut my guttering into 2 foot lengths so it would fit in my plastic mini-greenhouse thing. My beds are 4 foot wide so that’ll do nicely.

    I’m trying out Oregon Sugar Pod mangetout.

  12. Great to see everyone’s gone gutter crazy – don’t forget to water though. I’ve had to send the under gardener on a few watering errands to keep the little mites refreshed.

  13. Gutter peas? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. I’m such a newbie to Vegetable gardening. Thanks for this, I’m going to look it up now. No wonder there was a lot of guttering scattered in the allotment. Linking you :)