Peas in a pod

peas in a podThe peas that I planted in the guttering at the end of March are ready for harvesting. They are super-sweet and taste great right out of the pod. I made a lovely conconction of braised peas, broadbeans, green garlic and New Zealand spinach – all freshly picked from mtp. I threw in a few pine nuts for good measure! We’re really happy with the March peas but interestingly enough the second row of gutter peas sown in early May are not doing nearly so well. They are significantly smaller than the earlier peas and though they are flowering it looks like they will harvest significantly fewer pea pods.

2 Comments on “Peas in a pod

  1. Hi

    Having used your brilliant guttering method, I’m also now harvesting my peas sown in April/May. They’re great. I’ve also noticed that the yield isn’t quite as high as I had last year from an earlier sowing (Hot weather and lack of water?)… BUT I’ve also found that I have hardly any pea moth damage this year. Wonder if this is because you somehow ‘miss’ the pea moth time if you sow peas a little later? Don’t know. Would be interested to know how badly (if at all) the pea moth hits your crop.

    Anyway, thanks again for the brilliant gutter idea. Stroke of genius!