Ready for winter

potted herbs
I’ve potted up some herbs ready for winter. Here you can see Marjoram, Mint, Parsley and Oregano but I also planted up some Chives too. Give them a trim once you’ve potted them up. The mint particularly liked this and has sprung some very vigorous new shoots. They’ll need shelter – here on my kitchen windowsill they should have enough protection to see them through the winter. And of course having them nice and handy (I can reach out of the window and grab some Mint for my New Year Mojitos!) means that I don’t have to trudge up to the muddy plot on a miserable winter’s day. I’m all about cosy fires and big glasses of wine right now – all the way through until early March.

4 Comments on “Ready for winter

  1. Cosy fires and big glasses of wine sounds great to me. Once your herbs are established they should be able to survive next winter out in the garden. My parsley and chives used to come back every year until I built a chicken run on top of them. And the mint is making a determined bid for garden domination. Dunno about marjoram and oregano. I thought they were the same thing – like cilantro and coriander. But I’m probably wrong.

  2. Hiya Gillian, thanks very much for the comment. Perhaps I can ask for your opinion on a matter: the field secretary (very helpful) recommended using “Roundup” to knock everything down before I start & assures me that its commonly used for such purposes. What’s your opinion of this chemical (the plot is pretty bad).

    As to the problem with you blog profile I’d check your “Share My Profile” setting first.