Signs of Life

Signs of life reported at mtp. After months of well… nothing suddenly things are starting to happen in the cold, murky depths of the plot. On the left is the garlic I put in before Christmas. The middle picture shows the blackcurrant bushes bursting with colourful pink buds. Below that are the Summer raspberry canes. Over in the top right is one of the (35) onion sets. And below is one of the (few) broadbeans to germinate from the Autumn sowing. I’m so excited – I can hardly contain myself!

5 Comments on “Signs of Life

  1. Lovely photo. Could you tell me what software you used to create the photo montage?

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! What camera do you use? Are you a professional photographer or just a naturally gifted amateur?

  3. Thanks guys – that’s really nice of you.

    In answer to your questions, no I’m not a professional photographer just a very eager amateur. My camera is my secret weapon, it’s a very cool digital SLR, Canon 350D. Thanks Ryan!

    The software I use to create the montage is Macromedia Fireworks, it’s just a layered jpeg exported for web use. You can use Photoshop to do the same thing though.

  4. That’s ace. Like a vegetable plot version of the mighty Woodstock film. And a very nice camera too. Always sits upon my magazine’s A-List for best Digital SLR. Now I sound very dull.