When to Sow Fennel

I bought these fennel plants at the local farmers market. I paid a pound for a pot with around 5 plants in it. I’ve never grown Fennel before so when I got them home I separated them and grew them on individually ready to be planted out. I have four left (gave one to my next door neighbour for feeding our cats when we went away – plants are handy presents!). However, I found out recently that, like Rocket, Fennel is susceptible to bolting, especially if it’s sown early in the year. Therefore it’s best to wait until May/June to sow to ensure that your plants will bulb up. With that in mind I’ve bought some fennel seed and will be sowing it this week just incase this lot goes skyward.

5 Comments on “When to Sow Fennel

  1. Do your cats like fennel? ;)
    I planted some fennel seed in pots 5 or 6 weeks ago and they look similar size to yours. I planted them out last week and they look happier already. That said I also read about bolting and transplanting also them also encourages this.
    So thanks for reminding me I should be sowing more seed in the next few weeks.

  2. I love fennel and grew some for the first time last year but waited until the end of May to plant direct. The taste is soo much better than shop bought – stronger but sweeter.

  3. If they do go skyward leave them in as they attract loads of beneficial insects to prey on pests. They look nice too.

  4. I’m trying fennel for the first time this year, too. Sowed some direct and others in seedtrays, for transplanting, to see which work best. Please post again when they’re outside so we can see end result!

  5. I haven’t as yet put my fennel seeds in the ground, this is the first year I will have grown some. In the Fens where I live you can hear the plants grow and so I thought I’d hold back and try to control their growth rate. I am hoping that soiling them up as they develop will get the bulbs to bulk out. Any tips?