Green Tomato Harvest


The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse here in Portland. There has been non-stop heavy rain for over a week and not only has it played havoc with my guttering but it has also beaten my Tomatoes almost to the ground. There is little chance that the remaining Tomatoes will ripen so in they came.

This is a pretty good haul. I may even have to double or triple my Green Tomato Chutney recipe in honour of this. My neighbours might also get to try some good ole British chutney. I’m sure they will be eating Ploughman’s Lunch before we know it :)

2 Comments on “Green Tomato Harvest

  1. Why not try a green tomato cobbler? But be sure to buy ice cream first. The cobbler’s so good with a dlollop melting on top.

  2. My father assures me you can ripen green tomatoes (google it)… so I currently have a selection wrapped in newspaper and am waiting with bated breath.