2009 My Tiny Plot Calendar

This year I made myself a little Christmas present – a calendar featuring some of my favourite photos from the past year here at mtp. I used online printing service Lulu.com to create it and when it arrived a few days ago I eagerly unwrapped it to see if it was exactly what I wanted.

It was. It’s huge! And the photos are deep and colourful – just like I hoped they would be. Here’s a photo of it next to a coffee cup so you can get some idea of scale.

I made the calendar for me (honestly I did) but if you want one they are available to buy at Lulu for £15.95. That was the minimum I could do it for since the printing costs were so high. However, I will say that the quality is very good. And the calendar is quite large too. 

My calendar will take pride of place in my office and will no doubt oversee many a new post on mtp. Happy 2009!


13 Comments on “2009 My Tiny Plot Calendar

  1. Looks wonderful, well done! The photos on the site are always great. I hope you enjoy looking at it whilst you work in 2009! Lulu looks like a great resource too.

  2. We have a tiny plot, too, (or more appropriately, microplots) here in N. California. Happy to find your blog and in awe of your calendar. Great fotos and btw, you are an incredible artist. Saw your garden plan drawings from previous years.

  3. Fantastic photos Gillian and the calendar looks brilliant. Don’t suppose you have another copy that I could buy??!

  4. Your calender is lovely Gillian – and I was interested to read that you were pleased with Lulu – as I was wondering what the quality of their self publishing was like.

  5. Great calendar! I found Vista Print to be good value for mine, not quite as large as yours looks though.

    It’s great fun to put together isn’t it?

  6. That is an awesome idea :) ack £15 is abit cutting on the expensive side but aesthetics and decorations wise its great :)

    Merry Xmas and Happy 2009 :) at least lets make it a happy one!


  7. What a brilliant idea – I might steal this for our Allotment Association next year, I’d have to find a way to get the costs lower though. I love that strawberry picture, my mouth is watering just thinking about them …

  8. I love this I am an avid photographer in my spare time and you have given me food for thought with the collection of pictures i Have taken over the summer. Some brilliant shots good work :-)