Choosing Our Christmas Tree

We went to buy our Christmas tree today. We were all very excited, despite the fact it took us double the time to get out of the house now that we have a newborn in tow!

But when we finally made it to the Christmas tree place we had fun choosing a big tree for the living room and little tree for Jackson’s room.

Jackson was transfixed by the netting machine and stared at the man in disbelief as he fed it through and it came out all neat and netted on the other side.

Finally we hauled it into the car and set off for home for naps, stories and some well earned shut-eye before the big decoration.

6 Comments on “Choosing Our Christmas Tree

  1. Oh the magic of Xmas … no time at all since I was that mother with the toddler/baby combo. Today, I dropped my youngest (18) off at the Xmas Tree Barn where he is now in charge of the netting machine.

    Enjoy these wonderful days

  2. This is my favourite part of Christmas. I love that you got a little tree for your son. :)

  3. What a great time of year and we’ve got the snow to go with it. I remember how long it takes to do anything with a new baby and you’ve only got a small window before the next feed/sleep. Enjoy!

  4. How cute to get a little tree for your son’s room. My son picked out a lopsided tree because it gently toppled down on him as he ran around it. He said the tree picked him.