Christmassy Cake Pops

Cake Pops are my new obsession. I made these for a kids Christmas party and they went down a storm. The adults loved them and the kids thought they were lollipops and licked them until they were gone!

They’re quite tricky to make and you do need some baking materials that might not be available in your local cooking shop. I bought the candy coatings and lollipop sticks online. The cake mix and frosting you can buy from any supermarket.

One problem I did come across was how to display my Cake Pops. They need to be upright but they’re quite top heavy and so they need something weighty to keep them from toppling over. So I came up with the idea of using these old Kilner jars stuffed with Christmas paper and tied with bows. It seemed to work.

3 Comments on “Christmassy Cake Pops

  1. I was only reading Bakerella’s blog yesterday and thinking about giving these a go for Christmas. I think I may try it now.

    Love the blog and look forward to future posts.

    Ryan (Ryan’s Garden)

  2. I make these in my home on Christmas. Kids realy enjoyed. Thanks for give such an recepie just at the eve of Christmas.