Halloween Votives

We’re going to a spooky Halloween party in the park tonight so I spent some time making these Halloween votives to guide us as we scoff our Horror Mix jellies and Tiffin. I got the idea over at Skip to My Lou, a great little crafting blog.

They’re so easy to make. All you need are some old preserving jars, some orange tissue paper, glue and a black pen. And possibly some garden twine to make a handle too. The paper is glued to the outside and once it’s dry you draw a face on it. Then when you put a tealight inside it glows like a pumpkin.

Of course there’s no substitute for the real thing and just to be on the safe side under-gardener has spent the best part of today carving a Storm Trooper’s face into a pumpkin. Each to their own, as they say, each to their own. What are you doing for Halloween?

6 Comments on “Halloween Votives

  1. lovely idea, Gillian!

    I think we will feast on a good sunday meal and wait for the trick-or-treatsers. I did carve a pumpkin but unlike last year I didn’t grow it and so I had to buy one at the market (ssshhhh – don’t tell!).

    Happy Halloween to you, too!

    xx Ines

  2. nursing our eldest through chickenpox so no trick or treat for us, they are a bit young anyway. Lots of comforting homegrown pumpkin soup though!

  3. I love Halloween as I grew up with it in the USA and each year I carve my jack o’lantern, buy copious amounts of sweets and wait for trick or treaters. Often in vain. Last year there were 5, the year before 0! The last time I had a good turnout was 5 years ago when my second child was in her last year of A levels and had lots of friends in the village that all came by. Now I can’t decide if I’m buying all the sweets because I know I’ll end up having to eat them or because I’m still ever hopeful! I did make pumpkin and walnut bread as well which is delicious!

  4. It’s all about the halloween cupcakes for me, yum! That and a good sunday roast and a spooky film later, The Others on Film4 tonight… What a good day :)

  5. My 16 year old did ours – it is grinning lopsidedly on the fireplace right now. I’d love to see a picture of the storm trooper pumpkin!