Christmassy House Things (I)

Since there is not much gardening going on at My Tiny Plot at the moment I thought I would share some of my favourite things from around our Christmassy house.


I LOVE Christmas and have made it my duty over the past 10 years to be the person ‘in charge’ of Christmas in our house. The photo above is of the latest addition to our snow village (I make something new every year). It’s a clock tower. Every village needs one!


Here is our ‘bar’. Ha! I say bar but the only thing in it seems to be bourbon which I don’t drink – but I know someone who does. This year, the tipples got a Christmas makeover with some twinkly lights and a golden reindeer. Well after all, it ‘is’ Christmas.


This is cool. It’s a tiny wooden village that spins around when you light the candles. I bought it from a shop called Hansel und Gretel when I lived in Bath. Sadly it’s not there anymore but it was officially the most Christmassy shop in the world and sold crazy German, wooden gifts of all shapes and sizes.


Marika the Elf on the Shelf. She’s great. She appears on Dec 1st, has a direct line to Santa and is ‘watching you’. Oh yes, that means you Devon Carson, age 4 and a bit!

Hmmm… let’s see what’s next?


Yes, Holiday Nog! Santa wants some and so he should. I’m testing a diet without dairy (tummy issues) and was so sad to be missing out on drinking vats of cream mixed with raw egg this Christmas. Sadness avoided – Holiday Nog! I might add that only in America would this exist – and probably Portland too.


Voluspa, Voluspa, Voluspa. My house would smell of dog if it wasn’t for you. This one smells of Christmas trees dipped in Lemons. What-is-not-to-love.

I’ll post some more of my Christmas favourites soon.

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