Gosh! What a Difference a Power-wash Makes.

So this is my kitchen garden ‘after’ we power-washed the brick pathways.


And this was my kitchen garden ‘before’ we power-washed the pathways.


To be honest, I was completely happy with the way it looked before. I thought the brick was quite bright, and gave the garden an almost cheery look. But, gosh I didn’t realise how dirty they were. And…dangerous! It was so slippy out there on a wet day.

It’s a little too ‘new’ for my liking right now. But nothing a few months of Winter weather won’t sort out.

Oh and when I say ‘we’ power-washed the brick pathways I obviously mean my husband. I was far too busy planning next year’s seed purchase and pulling up old Tomato plants to help.

6 Comments on “Gosh! What a Difference a Power-wash Makes.

  1. It looks great as always! Just a word of caution with power washing -if your bricks are cemented in it’s fine but if they are merely sanded in you may have to add a layer of sand over the bricks, brush the sand in and then use a machine ( a large vibrating beast) to pound the sand in…I learned this the hard way – having power washed my terrace not knowing that the Belgian pavers were merely sanded in and not in cement/concrete. after a few years of power washing the pavers were loosened and required a LOT of sand. apparently regular adding a bit of sand is more effective than risk the whole patio/pathway!

  2. Thanks Jennifer – they’re cemented in thankfully. However, that was in 1915, so the cement is gone/coming loose in some areas so we’ll need to reset the bricks at some point (sigh)

  3. Yes it used to be an old rose garden. I bet it looked lovely back in the day – when there was a full-time gardener employed too!

  4. Wow! Your brick looks great now! I can only imagine how fun and cheery your garden will look in the summer when the sun is out. I’m sure the Winter will get them just a tad rustic for your likings!

  5. Power washing makes a huge difference in how a house looks. What a complete transformation! It looks great.