Not One, but Two Sticks!

We just got back from a weekend away at a popular resort in the forest. Yes, we went in the swimming dome and yes we ate pancakes at the Pancake House. But what the whole experience brought home to me is that when you’re two and half ‘everything’ is exciting! And sometimes the most simple of experiences mean the world to you.

The trees, the cycle trailer, the fact that you get your own helmet that is red! The two baby deer that we saw, the fighting squirrels, a pine cone – what’s a pine cone? The den that some other boys had made in our back garden, not one but two sticks! the sunshine through the trees, the log covered with moss, mushrooms, strange-shaped mushrooms everywhere – I want to eat them.

Going fast, faster Daddy, a dark, dark tunnel that is scary but amazing at the same time, bird noises, and other unidentified noises, a playground in the woods, bees and orange and white fish.

Every single new thing is amazing if you’re seeing it for the first time. Sometimes as an adult I forget that and try to over-complicate things. But really there’s no need.

10 Comments on “Not One, but Two Sticks!

  1. Two sticks.

    Two Sticks !!

    TWO STICKS !!!!!

    My youngest, twins, turned 21 a few days ago.

    I had almost forgotten about this simplicity and youngsters thing.

  2. How lovely to see everything afresh through the eyes of a toddler! Who needs toys when you have a whole forest to play in! Thanks for letting us see Jackson enjoying his sticks.

  3. Makes me smile. Reminds me of a saying I saw today…”Celebrate life and you’ll have life to celebrate.” It’s sooo precious their little perspective isn’t it?

  4. Just back from holiday (3 weeks on Siesta Key but not bragging!)& catching up on your blog. Glad to see the family is OK and having a great time in the woods! I’d like to buy a copy of Jackson’s first book but when I go to the site it says 9 dollars. Am I using the wrong site? Please tell me how to order it.One of these days I’ll crack this internet thing!

  5. Hi Sandra, Hope you had a great holiday. Nine dollars is the right price, it’s about £5.70 in pounds. Etsy only displays prices in dollars but converts it once you pay. You can elect to pay via PayPal or card once you get to the checkout screen. If you still have problems email me directly and I will help you out. Thanks!

  6. Fun, fun!! We’re goin camping this weekend… Kids love it! It’s paradise! :)

  7. What a joy being a mum is. Children are the most amazing things, even when they’re 10 they can amaze you, but never with quite so much joy as they do when they’re 2 and a half. I wish I should shrink mine back to then, but then I’d only be 2/10ths as amazed as I am now!!!