Wooden Train Set Table

Since Jackson already has a boggling array of presents under the tree from friends and family we decided to make him a present this year (well sort of). A cafe in town has a cute little train set that has been glued to a table top to make a train set. He loves it!

So I thought I would replicate it and make one for him for Christmas. I started to search for a suitable table and found this 70s coffee table at the farmers market for £9 (with free delivery I might add!). Perfect.

Then we painted it. Red for the base (because that’s what colour his room is) and green for the top because our train will be travelling through the countryside! Next we found a basic wooden train set. This John Crane set was perfect because it had houses and people and animals as well as track and a complete train. That was £20. Then we stuck it all down with wood glue.

It works like a dream.

Not that we’ve been playing with it or anything. I think he’ll like it. And the best part about it? It’s not plastic, we had a great time working on it and when he’s bored with it we can freecycle it. It’s a veritable eco-toy.

8 Comments on “Wooden Train Set Table

  1. It looks fantastic! My sister got her nephew a train set for Christmas and he literally quivered with joy when he opened it. So here’s hoping Jackson gets the joy-quiver too :)

  2. It’s a fantastic Christmas present and so traditional. I’m sure he will love it as much as you do. Happy Christmas from Kent.

  3. I can’t see how to email you so I’m just letting you know that I’ve added your blog to my Take Five spot in the sidebar of mine for this week. I change the links often to keep them fresh!

  4. Had to grin when I read this. We’ve been getting Brio-compatible stuff off ebay since October for our train-mad toddler, and we too now have a train table with a glued-on layout for instant playing! ebay again; a collapsible-legged table in our case as we haven’t a lot of room otherwise.

    You can get loads of recycled track and locos this way – so we now have a large boxful for freeform playing on the floor, as well as the table and all of it is recycled.

    Hope you all have fun and happy new year!


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  6. I used to have one of these toy train sets. I live by a great toy shop now that always has one in the window. I reminise everyday.