Today I went up to the plot and started to dig over the fruit bush area (previously riddled with weeds). I successfully dug a small patch when the heavens opened – mainly on me. So, damp and dejected I trundled off home. But what to do on a Saturday afternoon when Ryan is working and there’s no prospect of digging for the rest of the day? There was only one thing for it, I would have to become a domestic goddess. After being seduced by the cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery (of Sex and the City fame) in Greenwich Village in New York, I decided to make my own version of said cupcakes. I found the required recipe, went and bought a muffin tin and an armful of food colouring and set about making one holy mess in the kitchen. This was the result, seems a shame to eat them really……well, not that much of a shame!

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