Late Afternoon Winter Walk

My little one had been snuggled up in his warm cot all afternoon and so I took him out for a quick walk just before the dark drew in yesterday for some fresh air. The sun was going down quickly and we had to run to see the horses in the fields before the light failed and they wandered home for their hay.

The sun was not quite disappearing over the hill and in the mist of a far-off bonfire sent a golden ray of light back to hit the big house on the hill. It glinted at us from across the field and made us squint and laugh and sneeze.

Down the lane our friendly Oak tree looked dark and mysterious against the beaming sky that faded from blue to orange. A perfect winter’s afternoon walk. Just far enough to make our noses red. Just short enough so we could push back for warm milk and crackling fires.

Loving Wintertime.

6 Comments on “Late Afternoon Winter Walk

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog and love your pictures.
    My wife and I live down a secluded bridle path in East Surrey so we can relate with your pictures. We also have an old Oak down the lane, not as big as yours !
    Look forward to reading and looking

  2. Must go for a walk. Must go for a walk. *puts on kettle, fails to go for a walk… again*

    Have decided I am a wimp. I shall live the winter walk vicariously through you.

  3. I set out for an epic journey last week then realised it was far too cold. Short walks a very good idea! I’m having a wee giveaway over at my blog btw x

  4. Lovely photos, you describe your walk so well, I hope you’re writing regular articles in newspapers/magazines, you are so good at what you do. I look forward to your next instalment!