Montgomery – My Garden ‘Helper’


This is Montgomery, or Monty to you and I. Believe it or not he is actually a puppy. He’s a mere 6 months old. No really, he is. He’s a Great Dane and nowhere near fully grown.

If you could have the pleasure of watching him ‘help’ me in the garden then you would know he was a puppy straight away. He chews everything. And by everything I do mean everything. Marigold flowers, Peas (he loves Peas), my handmade wooden plant tags, my rubber kneeling pad, empty plant pots, full plant pots, absolutely anything bound for the compost bin, the handle of my wheelbarrow (it’s the wooden bit), my gardening gloves, a bag of Perlite, or Dolomite Lime. Heck! he’s not fussy.

Pathways? He laughs at them. Hose heads? He wrestles them. Hedges? He sleeps on them. The garden is his playground and boy does he have fun. He bounds (it’s not really a run) from one end to the other with little regard for vegetation, small children or other animals. He’s all muscle and very little sense. That’s Monty.

But I love his little sad eyes and jaunty ears. He’s my big ole garden buddy and is always interested in what I’m doing. He follows me around looking for something to be naughty with. And after about 20 minutes flops down and has a nap because gardening really does take it out of you. Especially, when you’re only six months old.

10 Comments on “Montgomery – My Garden ‘Helper’

  1. What a beauty and what a great help Monty is to you when you are gardening. Seriously he looks a wonderful, fun-filled, family dog and I don’t suppose you mind things being chewed as he is only a puppy. How big will Monty eventually be?

    Still love your emails and nice to see how your garden is is becoming so established.

    Take care xx

  2. He’s SO cute! All this photo needs is a female doggie to share a long piece of spaghetti…
    PS it’s really interesting to see that your writing has a definite US flavour starting to come through – accents sometimes change a little too but we don’t notice these changes in ourselves :)

  3. He’s gorgeous, I do love Great Danes. We saw one at the pet shop a couple of weeks ago, and she was huge, and still a puppy. A dog and a half I think.

  4. Such a dignified face, I do love a hound!

    We had a great picture book for my boys which involved a great dane putting his nose in a flower pot and getting stung by a bee, and not being AT ALL brave. He is taken to the vet in a Citroen Diane, and comes back with a plaster on his nose!

  5. He looks adorable! Hope there is plenty of space for him to run around as he gets bigger :)

  6. Haha, that all sounds familiar. Gardening isn’t easy when there is a dog running around, but it’s much more enjoyable!