My Connecticut Garden

We moved house (again). Yes, I know, it’s difficult to keep up. We’ve been here almost a year and half and I’m very happy with how the garden is turning out. It’s a lot smaller than my last space. But it has some nice mature trees and boxwood and a knock-out view. So, no complaints from me.

As you can see, I grew quite a few vegetables last year. Despite part of the garden being in the shade for much of the day. The heat helped with ripening the tomatoes and I harvested many, many beefsteak toms that previously I could only grow in my greenhouse.

Speaking of greenhouses, I left my gorgeous, 13 ft, wooden greenhouse back in Portland. I miss it. But in the left-hand corner you may be able to spy my solution to being ‘sans’ greenhouse; a cute little double-height cold frame which is conveniently located next to an electricity outlet where I can plug in some heated growing mats. Last year I grew all my vegetable plants and much of my cutting garden in that tiny little greenhouse.

Behind the mini greenhouse is my potting shed. It started life as a disused out-house and is now my very own potting hideaway. It even has two little windows, one to survey the garden and the other to keep an eye on the boats coming in and out. It’s pretty cute inside and has bistro lights strung on the ceiling. I’ll take some photos and do a separate post about it. It deserves its own post.

I feel very lucky to have this beautiful garden and even luckier to have this view. I hope to grow lots of fruit and vegetable here. I might even plant another espalier apple tree – that is, when I have conquered the ivy on the brick wall!

2 Comments on “My Connecticut Garden

  1. I was just thinking the other day I’d not seen a post from you for a while and now – almost like magic – here you are :) Your new place looks wonderful! I don’t have an allotment any more and like you, I’m now making the most out of my garden back home. It’s amazing what can be squeezed in x

    • Hi Michelle, nice to hear from you. Thanks. I am more than happy with my small garden here. Just the right size for me. Glad to hear you are still enjoying gardening.