Spring Crocus


Because, I have inherited my garden I have little idea what’s planted in it – the ornamental part of it anyway. At the moment I am being constantly surprised by what’s popping up in both the front and the side garden. The side of the house is a bit unruly and so lots of the plants there go unnoticed by me until they do something spectacular. The latest gem to arrive is this gorgeous, tiny carpet of Crocuses. They are everywhere.


They’re all the same colour and when the sunlight comes in horizontally at the end of the day it illuminates the swathes of them along the driveway. If you sit right next to them, like I did for this photo, you can see the veins in the petals. So small, so delicate but yet Winter hardy. It almost seems impossible.


But for now they are cheering me on my way and letting me know that Spring is just around the corner.

5 Comments on “Spring Crocus

  1. Have followed your lovely and informative blog for quite a while – do hope you are enjoying life in the States? So exciting to see Spring emerging……especially when the unknown is popping up!


  2. What a delightful discovery! You certainly are in (US) gardening heaven, out in Portland. I will look forward to reading about future discoveries you make. Enjoy your day!

  3. How exciting to have little surprises popping up all over your garden!
    Over 20 years ago when I moved into my cottage in East Anglia I hoped too that, come the Spring, I would be equally thrilled by a garden coming alive.
    Apart from lots of beautiful daffodils and narcissus followed by red and yellow tulips, sadly nothing appeared.
    But, in saying that, I was lucky to have a blank canvas to create my garden http://countryidyll.co.uk/?p=146

  4. I love Crocuses, they are so tiny and pretty and it when they start to appear it means winter is finally over.