The Summer Jungle

I love it when the garden gets so big in summer that it’s hard to see parts of it. It’s difficult to believe that most of this dies down to bare earth in the winter. Everything is so tall right now. The poppies are in full bloom, the cosmos is just about to flower. I have several cannas dotted about that add a bit of tropical orange to everything and the biggest lilies I’ve ever seen have just burst into flower (and smell amazing!).

I will never get bored of sitting in my garden and watching the bees and birds flit about.

Tomatoes and sweetcorn are competing for height right now. I think the sweetcorn will win in about a week.
I love this colour of poppy, it’s Lauren’s Grape and self-seeds all over the garden. Free plants!
Nigella, with poppies and canna
The lilies smell amazing, especially at night
The Blackcurrant bush is so big now that it creates a great shaded reading spot.

The book that I’m reading is Tasting Paris. It’s full of recipes that are inspired by great Parisien restaurants. I just made the chocolate bread recipe and it was a big hit with the boys in the house – in other words, it’s already gone!

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