Two of My Favourite Things: Blueberries & Hydrangeas

I’m a lazy gardener. The less effort required to care for a plant the more I love it. Blueberries fall directly into that category in my garden. I planted them. I did nothing. I’m now rewarded with a bowlful of the best Blueberries you’ve ever tasted, every day. How can I not love that?

The bonus is that my Hydrangea Ayesha is flowering right now too. It doesn’t look like a Hydrangea. In fact, seasoned gardeners sometimes ask me what it is. It IS a Hydrangea just a very special one. Its petals are like tiny spoons and the flowers just keep coming. I have two of them planted just over the ledge in front of my back porch. We sit there at night, in the heat, and the whole kitchen garden is framed by pink pillows. It’s just lovely and goes quite nicely with my dark red wine coloured Ninebark planted next to it.

If you cut it back hard after flowering it comes back stronger the next year. I will never tire of Blueberries and Ayesha in July.

IMG_3781 IMG_3782IMG_3786


8 Comments on “Two of My Favourite Things: Blueberries & Hydrangeas

  1. I love blueberries! We have to grow them in pots because we don’t have the acidic soil they like. Although this is a slight hassle, it’s well worth it to enjoy the taste of those little blue bundles of magic through the summer.

  2. That hydrangea is stunning up close with th pink and blue bits together. My blue one is such a uniform color it looks artificial. This year the blueberry bushes went in the compost. The soil was just to wrong to make right.

  3. Great posting. There is a wonderful hydrangea nursery in Oregon called HydrangeaPlus. Run by a mom like you.

  4. I never knew blueberries were so effortless to grow (if you have the right soil of course)! Now if only I liked the taste of them :)

  5. I am a lazy gardener myself :D Good thing that being a gardener is also my job or I would have to surround myself with low-maintenance plants and do nothing for a living. I can see why people are confused by your Hydrangeas – they look almost lilac-y. Do you have any secret tips to share regarding preserving their colour?

  6. Amber – you know I didn’t even think of that! All my other Hydrangeas are blue (even the ones that started off pink) but this one has always been pink. I have put no amendments in the soil but I’m pretty sure it’s acidic like all the other beds are. Maybe Ayesha is just really good at retaining its colour?