Black Krim Tomato Seedlings


I just love the way that these seedlings have burgundy coloured undersides to their leaves. It gives them a very dramatic look even at this early stage. You can’t really see here but they are just starting to produce their true leaves which are very dark green. Behind them I have some Borage seedlings.

The variety is Black Krim. They are beefsteak Tomatoes that I plan to grow inside the greenhouse with lots of support.

Once they hit the two true-leaf stage I’ll repot them into 2 inch pots and grow them on until planting time. I’m really interested to see how my Tomato-growing efforts go this year. I suspect that while I may not have any issues with blight, regular watering might be an issue instead. There’s always an issue – it doesn’t matter where you live.

7 Comments on “Black Krim Tomato Seedlings

  1. Came across a Danish self watering system for tomatoes etc a couple of years ago. It uses grow bags that sit on polystyrene tanks and works by capillary action. You only have to top the tank up with water and a bit of liquid feed very one to two weeks. Impressive results. Not sure if they’re available in the US.

  2. I love Black Krim tomatoes! They produce fantastically, are beautiful, and taste great.

  3. Hmm – they seem to have stalled. The true leaves have been tiny now for over a week. I wonder if they have too much water or the seed mix is exhausted? Or light/temp levels too low. I’m new to greenhouse gardening in this climate. Any ideas?

  4. Your seedlings look great! I am also growing Black Krim Tomatoes. However, mine do not have the burgundy colour that yours have. Odd, isn’t it? Mine look quite ordinary green, and the first leaves that are coming out just now loog green too.


  5. We have the first set of flowers on my Black Krim’s since its already 30 ‘ C during the in Lahore. I remember the seedlings back in Feb had a very dark purple stock, which is not so dark green.

    Question: Should a second dose of lime be applied at this stage or we should wait for the fruit to form, since it can take some time to show results of the application?