Thinning My Apple Trees

It’s surprising how quickly the apples in the orchard have started to grow. It seemed like only last week they were flowering. But today when I came back from walking Brinkley I noticed that some of the branches on this dwarfing apple were overloaded. The branches are still thin and if I left too many […]

It’s ‘Apple’ Time of Year

Nothing says, ‘England’ to me like an early Apple harvest. The fresh taste of cold, sweet but a little tart, Apples is the taste of Autumn in our garden. My espalier Apple tree is now on its fourth tier and this year it has produced 33 good-sized eating Apples (last year we had 17). It’s […]

Post Holiday Harvesting

I’m back! And look what was waiting for me in the garden. Heaven! We had a long drive home and I stopped off at M & S (as you do) to get some essentials since we had no food at home. I nearly bought some Lettuce (and some Tomatoes – I’ve no faith) but I […]

How to Summer Prune an Espalier

Yesterday, I spent the whole day on an Espalier Pruning day at Painswick Rococo garden. It was great fun and I learned a ton about how Apples grow and how to maintain an espalier. It was also a gorgeous setting in which to learn, with a central kitchen garden surrounded by hundreds of espalier Apples […]