Thinning My Apple Trees

It’s surprising how quickly the apples in the orchard have started to grow. It seemed like only last week they were flowering. But today when I came back from walking Brinkley I noticed that some of the branches on this dwarfing apple were overloaded. The branches are still thin and if I left too many apples on it they would bend and eventually snap.

There are too many Apples on this branch.
That’s better.

6 Comments on “Thinning My Apple Trees

  1. Oh it was so lovely to see your post in my inbox today. It seems like ages! Has it been ages or are my inbox setttings just wrong?

    Hope to see you back soon!

    • I haven’t posted in a little while. But then I’ve got more time now…

  2. MTP! You are back! I have missed your posts.

    And in other news… here in Edinburgh (just as lockdown kicked in) I got an allotment after an 11 year wait.

    I hope you are well.

  3. Hi! So great to see you posting again. I just loved seeing the evolution of your garden designs.
    I need your inspiration more than ever now as I have moved to a blank page garden and don’t know where to start!
    Do you do a bit on instagram? I have just made a request to follow.
    Hope you are all thriving and surviving these strange times.

    • MyTinyPlot on Instagram is my personal account. Just pics of kids and dogs. Sorry :(