Raspberry Taming

Give Raspberries a few years and they will start to take over. You’ll find their runners popping up all over the place. I found one last year on the ‘other side’ of the path to where my Raspberry patch was. With a small garden such as mine I have to keep them under control or […]

Pruning my Autumn Raspberries

Do your Autumn-fruiting Raspberry canes look like this? Then it’s time to prune them. There’s not a moment to lose. I don’t want to create panic or anything but this really is the time to prune Raspberries if you want a nice big Autumn crop. If you leave it any longer then the plant will […]

Raspberry Canes

The raspberry canes arrived at last (10 Autumn Bliss and 3 free ones from Grow Your Own Magazine). I must admit I was beginning to give up on them and preparing to write a stern letter but then, as if by magic, they appeared. I put them straight in, in one row roughly 60cm apart. […]