Success with Cauliflowers!

I can hardly believe I’m writing this but after years of trying to grow an edible Cauliflower I’ve actually gone and managed it. I’m in shock. I harvested this Cauliflower a few days ago but there are another five or six of them in the ground. Before I went on holiday the plants were quite […]

Hardening Off Cauliflowers

The Winter-hardy Cauliflowers (Avalanche) that I sowed back in October in the coldframe have grown very well. And part one of the Cauliflower plan has been completed. I’m desperate for some room in the coldframe right now though so I potted some up a few weeks ago with a view to hardening them off to […]

Autumn Sowing of Cauliflowers

After getting over my grumpiness and admitting that the season is well and truly over I decided to cheer myself up my watching the ‘October’ episode of A Victorian Kitchen Garden. Harry looked a bit despondent too as he watched the temperature fall and stored his Apples in his (albeit totally fab) fruit store. Then […]


Look at the wee cauliflower! To be honest I thought the Cauliflowers I put in were a non-starter. The seeds I sowed directly in the soil came up all gangly and long (I sowed them too near to each other). And as a result they looked a bit sickly and came in for every virus […]