Look at the wee cauliflower! To be honest I thought the Cauliflowers I put in were a non-starter. The seeds I sowed directly in the soil came up all gangly and long (I sowed them too near to each other). And as a result they looked a bit sickly and came in for every virus and pest under the sun. I sowed some at home in the propogator and they faired a little better. But all had their roots munched by evil grubs and showed minor infestations of Cabbage white catepillar at various intervals. So you’re with me when I didn’t expect much from them? But when we came back from holiday three of the cauliflowers showed white curds, two of them are quite bit (enough for a decent sized Cauliflower cheese bake for two!) and this is the runt of the litter. As he’s so vertically challenged I thought I’d make an internet star of him instead. He’s barely a floret! It will be a shame to eat him (but eat him we will)…

4 Comments on “Wee-fella

  1. Runt or no, that’s a fine looking cauliflower you’ve got there :) Drop some sunflower seeds into the cauli-cheese before it goes into the oven – lovely!

  2. oooh that is a good tip. I’ll try it.
    Thanks for the tip.