Forcing Chicory – Success!

It’s been a long process but I finally have some blanched Chicory to show you. My, somewhat Herculean effort, started back in November when I lifted the Chicory plants I had been growing during last summer. Then I stored them in damp sand (sometimes a little too damp) over the worst of the winter weather. […]

Forcing Chicory – Part Two

Houston we have a problem. The Chicory that I put into storage last month is starting to sprout. Now, that is not supposed to happen. I can only assume that the mild weather we’ve been having has confused them into sprouting, or possibly the sand was too wet that I stored them in. Either way […]

Forcing Chicory – Part 1

It dug up my Chicory plants yesterday and put them in storage in preparation for forcing them later on. The plants were getting quite large but it’s best to lift them at this time of year before the frosts get to them. I lifted about seven or eight but not all of them were big […]