Forcing Chicory – Part Two

Houston we have a problem. The Chicory that I put into storage last month is starting to sprout. Now, that is not supposed to happen.

I can only assume that the mild weather we’ve been having has confused them into sprouting, or possibly the sand was too wet that I stored them in. Either way they have come out of storage early and are now in their final forcing positions – in a bucket of compost with another pot over the top to block out the light.

This is a little earlier than I was planning but I’ve got no option as I can’t have them happily growing in their horizontal positions!

There will be a part three to this story. Hopefully with some nice photos of my lovely blanched Chicory. Hopefully.

2 Comments on “Forcing Chicory – Part Two

  1. Tell me about it! We’ve got a mild winter here in North Carolina too! It felt like spring yesterday and so my garlic and onions are just sprouting away along with some forgotten cilantro!

  2. i have to say me and my buisnesss partner have been talking about the weather all year. to me the seasons are changing i belive the next few years will see even more changes