Elephant Garlic

I had to pull my Elephant Garlic because it was trying to flower. I’ve showed it here next to some Carrots I pulled at the same time so you can see how big it is. They’re about 8 or 9cm across. I must confess myself a bit disappointed with the Elephant Garlic. It’s not as […]

Planting Elephant Garlic

Yep it’s that time of year again – time to get your Garlic in. Personally, I love the fact that Garlic goes in the ground this early. It’s a great way to get you focusing on next year’s season even while this one hasn’t quite finished. Sowing Garlic now means that you have to really […]

White Rot!

Ack! I’ve got White Rot on my Garlic. I noticed that some of them had started to split and the leaves were turning more and more yellow. I pulled one up to investigate and that’s when I discovered this nasty little fungal disease, lurking beneath the surface. It’s not good news. White Rot is serious […]

Garlic’s In

The first planting of mtp (season 2) is done – ie the garlic is in. I managed to find a patch that had been dug over, added plenty of compost (as Monty suggested) and the garlic bulbs went in. The bulbs are from my own store of garlic that we grew last year. I’ve heard […]

Garlic Harvest

All the garlic came up yesterday. Most it had fallen over and was terribly rusted but when I pulled it up all the bulbs were nice and fat and had split nicely. They’ve pretty much been in the ground since February so that seems like enough time. However, I think I’ll put the new ones […]