Garlic’s In

The first planting of mtp (season 2) is done – ie the garlic is in. I managed to find a patch that had been dug over, added plenty of compost (as Monty suggested) and the garlic bulbs went in. The bulbs are from my own store of garlic that we grew last year. I’ve heard mixed reports about using your own home grown garlic bulbs. Some say that it’s a great idea and that over time you will be able to grow your own strain of garlic which is pretty much immune to anything mtp can throw at it. Others say that it’s a bad idea as your own garlic may not be virus free and could weaken over time. Well I’ll take my chance – and if it doesn’t work out then I’ll buy new bulbs next year. I did find a great link while rummaging through my gardening magazines for the Garlic Farm, which looks like a great place to buy unusual bulbs (see link to the right) – however it’s a bit too expensive for me right now as I’m planning to buy 10 new raspberry canes and a mini polytunnel for my winter lettuce. All of which means that the mtp moneybox is empty right now!

3 Comments on “Garlic’s In

  1. Congratulations on the first planting, although as I’m allergic to garlic I’ll not be following suit :-D Another great picture though.

  2. Wow! What a year you and yours have had! I trust the undergardener had worked well and will be given just reward in pickles etc? I have thoroughly enjoyed your diary and runs very similar to ours – we have had our allotment for 2 years. And still picking rasps at this time of year! Its all gone a bit back endish now hasnt it? Can’t wait for next year and have sent off for my seeds – onions ‘mammoth improver’ to be put in on Boxing Day – according to my guru. My undergardener has toiled tirelessly and is now being rewarded with butternut squash and chilli soup (the only thing not grown by us is a chicken stock cube!) and ooooodles of tomato sauce! Am having difficulty finding uses for the abundance of chillis we have (still using last years chilli oil as its soo hot!)

    As head gardener I of course provide technical and supervisory support. And refreshments. I am so impressed with your lack of weeds.

    On the cooking of produce front, I would like to be more delia – ish but find myself with a touch of the old gordon ramsays when things go wrong.

    Keep up the good work – I look forward to your next years successes and would love info on how to get started writing my own blog of events.

  3. Hi Jooles, glad you could stop by. mtp can get a bit quiet at this time of year so it’s always nice when people drop by. Thanks for your kind words and enthusiasm. I have to admit to getting a little over excited about next year’s crop already. I have sent for five seed catelogues AND I spent most of last Sunday (the rainy one) making a new ‘master plan’. Of course there are only so many versions of the ‘master plan’ that I can create over the long winter months. And if it weren’t for Christmas coming I swear I would go out of my tiny mind. Boxing Day onions sound like a fab idea – something to look forward to after the big day.