Gathering Onions

The photo of the day is my Onion harvest. They’ve been drying in the greenhouse and are now ready for storing. They are pungent! Super strong and very juicy. Tissues at the ready. Remember to store them in a ‘breathable’ container. Baskets with big gaps are perfect.

Not Onion Sets but Starts

I ordered some red onion (variety Red Zeppelin) from Johnny’s seeds and expected to receive some onion sets (the miniature onion type) but these came instead. They are dormant starts. As I understand it they are plants started from seed, grown during the winter then uprooted when the weather gets cold. The soil is knocked […]

Time to Get the Onions In

I’ve been away camping this weekend so haven’t had chance to harvest my Onions. They’ve been ready for pulling for about a week now but I haven’t been able to harvest them because it was either raining or I didn’t have time. It’s a delicate process. The weather needs to be dry and you need […]

When to Fold Over Onion Tops

When should you fold over the tops of your Onions to encourage them to start to ripen in readiness for pulling? Well, the answer is, when they start to do it themselves anyway. Once the bulbs are big enough and the tops are heavy then the plants will naturally start to bow their tops over. […]