Gathering Onions


The photo of the day is my Onion harvest. They’ve been drying in the greenhouse and are now ready for storing. They are pungent! Super strong and very juicy. Tissues at the ready. Remember to store them in a ‘breathable’ container. Baskets with big gaps are perfect.

6 Comments on “Gathering Onions

  1. Lovely. Onions are some of my favourite things to grow and harvest. They are easy, we always use them and they look lovely hanging up in the autumn. I think it will soon be time to plant more. That’s another thing I like about them – that they go into the ground when nothing else does, and then sit there all winter waiting to make the most of any early spring sun. Wonderful.

  2. Hi Jean, Yes I’m pleased they are a good size. Not too small and not too big. We don’t need huge onions in our house. Who does? Restaurants?