A Neat Little Box of Pears

One of our neighbours gave us this lovely box of Pears for a Christmas gift. Such a simple but beautiful thing, I was a little jealous I hadn’t thought of it first. The red blush on the fruit sets off the green packing nicely and gives it the perfect Christmassy feel. Fruit is such a […]

When is a Pear Ready to Pick?

My Pear’s are nearly ready to be picked. They should be ready in late August or early September and I know that I should really pick them when they are unripe and ripen them indoors for the best results. The trick is knowing when to harvest them, even though they are still unripe. Here are […]

Aha! So the Pears Did Pollinate

A few weeks ago I was on cloud nine because my other Pear tree flowered this year, which means I was in with a good chance of getting some pollinated flowers. And guess what? It worked. The flowers did pollinate and there are tiny Pears growing on the trees. Hooray! I have Pears growing on […]

How to Summer Prune an Espalier

Yesterday, I spent the whole day on an Espalier Pruning day at Painswick Rococo garden. It was great fun and I learned a ton about how Apples grow and how to maintain an espalier. It was also a gorgeous setting in which to learn, with a central kitchen garden surrounded by hundreds of espalier Apples […]