Aha! So the Pears Did Pollinate

A few weeks ago I was on cloud nine because my other Pear tree flowered this year, which means I was in with a good chance of getting some pollinated flowers. And guess what? It worked. The flowers did pollinate and there are tiny Pears growing on the trees. Hooray!

I have Pears growing on both trees (Conference and Doyenne du Comice) and I counted a total of 18 Pears. Whoohoo!

I have never tasted a home-grown Pear but knowing how good Pears ‘can’ taste even from the supermarket my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I can’t wait. I’m hoping the taste will be worth the wait of almost three years!

9 Comments on “Aha! So the Pears Did Pollinate

  1. Home grown are so much better. years ago we bought my parents a pear and an apple tree; the apple was killed by the hurricane but the pear is going strong. My daughters had such fun as small children picking the pears (and mashed pear was one of their first meals too) and I still go and collect bagfuls of pears each year.

  2. what a beautiful photo. glad you will get to enjoy your own pears. i just got a patio appletree and am looking forward to fruit from that. oh, the delights of growing your own! :)

  3. wonderful! my 2 yr old espalier pear has set fruit this too. very chuffed & surprised. perhaps the conditions have been good for the pollination….

  4. My pear fruited it’s first year in the ground and I was extremely suprised! And I was surprised all over again by how FANTASTIC they tasted! For some reason I was expecting them to be a bit dry and gritty but they were juicey and SO sweet!!

    You definitely can’t beat home grown pears!

  5. Hmph. Our elderly pear isn’t setting yet. I really hope that it will do so as the flavour of the fruit is brilliant. The pear tree at the allotment has dropped 98% of its flowers without setting – but it always does, and we still get plenty of fruit.

  6. Today was my first time visiting this site – congrats! some very interesting tips. My prob however is that i recently planted 2 conference pear trees in garden (not knowing a lot about growing them). I’m not even sure what they should look like as the grow. When i planted them they looked healthy and one had some blossom. Now though, that one is looking rather sorry for itself. It’s leaves all seem to have turned in on itself and it’s about 10cms in diameter. It was a bit larger than this when planted. The other one was planted a week later and so far it seems ok with one tiny fruit just beginning to appear.
    Any ideas on my poorly pear?

  7. I bought 2 pear trees a couple of years ago and this year for the first time they had wonderful blossom that developed into lovely little pears. After about 3 weeks they started to disappear … And now they have all gone. :(

    I’d love to know if anyone has had the same problem?

    The only idea I can come up with is they were taken by the birds?

    Love the site!