Successional Veg

When I first started vegetable gardening I was very confused about what constituted a successional vegetable. Gardeners on TV shows and in books were always harping on about ‘carrying on with your successional sowings’ like everyone knew what to do. I didn’t. So, now that I get it I thought it would be helpful to […]

Planting Cauliflowers

I planted my Cauliflowers today. I sowed them with the tomatoes back in March and now they are about 10cm high. Because we have a walled garden the temperature is a little higher inside than outside so it’s totally safe to plant out Cauliflowers. I watched a show once where they suggested mixing lime with […]

Potting on Tomatoes

It’s time to replant the Tomato seedlings that I put in the heated propagator a few weeks ago. I’m growing two cherry tomatoes (Sub Arctic, and Gardeners Delight) and one standard variety (Robin). I may also buy some yellow variety tomato plants later on from the garden centre. I always end up with more tomatoes […]

Welcome to Pottsville…

…population 22 and growing. As you can see I did my first ‘potting on’ this weekend. There were a few casualties, inevitably. My inexperience and heavy-handed transplanting skills meant the death of two cucumber plants and five tomatoes. Although I did manage to save one sweetcorn seedling from the decimated crop that died last week […]