Welcome to Pottsville…

…population 22 and growing. As you can see I did my first ‘potting on’ this weekend. There were a few casualties, inevitably. My inexperience and heavy-handed transplanting skills meant the death of two cucumber plants and five tomatoes. Although I did manage to save one sweetcorn seedling from the decimated crop that died last week of an ‘overnight chill’. So I’m happy with that. That means we now have 11 cucumber plants, nine tomatoes and three courgettes, – too many cucumbers right?
I’ve put them in Ryan’s Counter Strike killing den, I thought they might like the sound of machine-gun fire and soldiers repeatedly saying things like ‘affirmative’ and ‘yes sir’…!
Of course it’s also the sunniest room in the house too (cunning).

4 Comments on “Welcome to Pottsville…

  1. well… I have aubergine, some more tomatoes – tomato overload! peppers, and courgette. What do you think should I start some other seeds off? I was planning to put everything else in the ground or in the cold frame.

  2. I wonder if my plants would like to sit in the room while the man plays Resident Evil?

  3. I don’t see why you should have to use any more windowsill space than is absoultely necessary, why not do everything else in the ground or cold frame? I usually (hark at me, the big expert!) start pretty much everything off in trays and pots one way or the other because I have a massive snail problem (that’s a big problem with snails rather than a problem with big snails). When I’ve tried sowing outside before, everything seems to get munched just as it germinates.

    Like you, I’m probably overloaded with tomatoes. And we’re not even that keen on them. I’ve got about 8 of a plum variety and another 10 that are a bit more bog standard which we intend to use for soup with our no doubt bountiful (keep your fingers crossed) pepper harvest.