The Cycle of Fresh Leaves

I’ve been enjoying lots and lots of fresh greens from my greenhouse over the past month. There’s really nothing better than cutting a colander full of leaves and eating them right away. But the Rocket (Arugula) has started to go to seed and is coming to the end of its usefulness. So I sowed some […]

Sowing Beetroot, Borage & Rocket

Got some time in the potting shed today. Took the time to sort out which seeds will be in the next batch to be sown. I’ll probably sow some Beetroot, Radish, Rocket and Spinach in the open ground – ready with the fleece should we get some late frosts. I’m going to sow more Borage […]

My Perfect Rocket

Just… waiting for it to go to seed. Because you know it will, any day now.