Gorgeous Seakale

I wanted to show you how gorgeous my Seakale is at the moment. As a rule I generally don’t let things flower in the vegetable garden unless I’m planning to collect seed from them. And this would have applied to my Seakale too but it ran to seed so fast and the flowers just popped […]

Planting Seakale Thongs

Today I planted my Seakale. Seakale is one of those vegetables that you see on TV programmes about what the Victorian’s grew in their huge walled kitchen gardens. But it’s not the kind of vegetable that people actually grow. But I’ve always wanted to grow it and now’s my chance. I checked out where I […]

My New Veg for 2010

It’s time to start thinking about buying some seed. I spend weeks researching which vegetables and which varieties I will grow. Most of my decisions are made based on what I’m into eating at the moment. But I always leave room to try out new vegetables that I’ve never grown before. Because my tiny plot […]