Planting Seakale Thongs

Today I planted my Seakale. Seakale is one of those vegetables that you see on TV programmes about what the Victorian’s grew in their huge walled kitchen gardens. But it’s not the kind of vegetable that people actually grow. But I’ve always wanted to grow it and now’s my chance.

I checked out where I should plant it. A sunny position is best where it can be left undisturbed. I didn’t have a spot in full sun so we’ll have to see how it does in part shade. The soil should be deep, rich, sandy, ideal pH7. It also likes good drainage. And they should be planted 15 – 17 inches apart.

Forced Seakale is really the crop that you want. And as I understand it I need to leave it a year before I can start forcing it.

The only problem I can see is that I might have to invest in a neat little Seakale forcer to add to my forcing pot gallery.

11 Comments on “Planting Seakale Thongs

  1. Seakale is one of those veg I’ve always wanted to taste but never could find. I love all kinds of “regular” kale and other leafy greens, but this one is one I’ve not been exposed to. Maybe planting it next year is in order? Looking forward to your posts back on how it tastes and how it fared :-)

  2. I’ve never tasted seakale. I look forward to seeing how it does for you.

  3. I’d be interested to know where you sourced the thongs, too – I have been searching for some for several years, with a small but still current hiatus inbetween giving up allotment and getting my garden sorted for veg….

  4. If I were Seakale I’d be jolly miffed that Asparagus nabbed the term “crowns” first.

  5. It would be worth growing just to justify buying one of those lovely forcers!

  6. I’ve never heard of sea kale. I hope that you will feature some recipes that you use to prepare it. I would love to add some new vegetables to my diet.

  7. just discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading back through. i’ve been trying to grow more perennial vege, and seakale is mentioned in english gardening books – we can get seed here in nz, i think i’ll order some now, thanks for the prompt! never seen forcing jars for sale here though :(