Harvesting Shallots

I dug up my Shallots a few days ago and dried them out in the sun (before the rain came). They are now happily weathering the wet weather in the potting shed. If the sun comes out again I’ll pop them out to dry some more. I planted them back in March from some saved […]

Planting Saved Shallots

I planted my Shallots today. I have saved them from last season’s harvest. I can’t quite remember what variety they are but they’re a round sort (not the banana ones) and they are similar to Golden Gourmet. I chose the biggest, firmest ones. Then dug over the soil, used my dibber to make a hole […]

Harvesting Shallots

I harvested my Shallots a couple of days ago. They had reached the stage where their leaves had flopped over and dried out and the bulbs were looking pretty big. So I took advantage of a sunny day and dug the whole harvest up. I put them in a wooden tray to dry in the […]

Drying Shallots in the Sunshine

We’ve had three days of solid, wall-to-wall sunshine. Which means a few things. Firstly, that my Tomatoes are ripening (more on that later) and secondly that I can start to think about lifting my Shallots and Onions. First to go are the Shallots. I planted my own saved bulbs this year and what a success […]

Longor – Shallots

I planted my first shallots this week. Last year I grew red onions (Red Baron) because we mostly eat red onions. I’m not sure why, they generally taste the same as white onions and cost a little extra but I suppose I just like the colour. So in keeping with the ‘grow what you eat’ […]