Longor – Shallots

I planted my first shallots this week. Last year I grew red onions (Red Baron) because we mostly eat red onions. I’m not sure why, they generally taste the same as white onions and cost a little extra but I suppose I just like the colour. So in keeping with the ‘grow what you eat’ policy we stuck to red. And a few normal onions that one of my neighbours gave me to plant. They were a great success and we are still eating them now! We don’t eat shallots – infact I’m not really sure what to do with them except pickle them. But this year (this vegetable year, or year 2 for mtp) we are growing Longor shallots, just as an experiment. Because mtp is a strange shape (or ‘irregular’ as David will have it) then it’s difficult to find stuff small enough to fill the ‘corners’ – those little triangles made by the err.. bigger triangles. If you’ve no idea what I mean go here. So I’ve used the shallots to fill those awkward gaps. 15cm apart, in six short rows. Will plant some more in a week or two.

2 Comments on “Longor – Shallots

  1. Merry Christmas to both of you- and the cat!

    Love the website, especially the photos.

    I find red onions milder than “normal” ones, and are better in salads-and they don’t spoil your love life either!

    If you are stuck for things to do with shallots, I would recommend the BBC’s food website>>>




  2. Shallots are tasty, sweeter than normal onions………..I chuck them in everything I cook, literally. Great in stews or anything casseroled.