Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winner

The ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Photo Mission is over and it’s time to choose the winner. The quality of photos this time was AMAZING. I was truly wowed by some of the photos. You guys are good! But after some deliberation I chose the photo above, of some snow covered Kale, as the winner. It’s by Lisa over at Pot & Box who walks away with 10 (not 9 but 10) boxes of the brand new Figo frame system. Provided by our friends at Bau Outdoors. Well done Lisa!

The other entries were just as lovely though. Like this beautiful photo of snow settled on a tree by Emma Bartram. Sublime.

A close contender for the prize was this gorgeous photo of a frozen seed head by Liz Early. Precious.

Stephanie from Narrative Self has been busy with the two photos above. The first one is a photo of her overwintering Onions covered in snow and the second is of her shivering Leeks. Both lovely photos.

And of course Toby Bunting’s entry made me laugh as I did specify a photo of some ‘frozen veg’. Ha ha, very funny Toby, but ‘no soup for you!’ as my husband would say.

Well done to all. And watch out for February’s Photo Mission with another, very cool prize.

6 Comments on “Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winner

  1. all lovely entries, beautiful pictures.

    No soup for you makes your husband a Seinfeld fan -well watcher!
    It is a rather common phrase in our house, too!

    Toby’s entry is rather creative and makes lovely soup in my opinion.

    thanks for hosting the competition, I didn’t enter but like great photographs

  2. yay!
    thanks gillian. happy that the frosty kale went for a good cause.

  3. Fabulous photos and I’m really chuffed at being a ‘close contender’ with the fennel seed head! Many thanks!

  4. Unbelievable quality pictures. Here in the North East of England we have had nothing but snow since it seems forever. I wish I had seen this competition earlier as we got some great shots. I will try and get them online.

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my photos – I feel very honoured to be shown with the other fantastic entries. I especially like the frozen broccoli – I do need to remember how to smile sometimes!!! No more snow here recently, but we’ve had plenty of hail :(