Planting Potatoes in Colorado


While visiting family in Fort Collins, Colorado I watch Grandpa Roy plant some Potatoes. It was interesting and educational.

He roto-tilled the ground and then added some fertilizer called Bradfield Lawn and Garden.


Then he added some Alfalfa pellets. Alfalfa is about 3-0-3 so provides some Nitrogen and Potassium. It’s also a soil conditioner because it has lots of organic matter in it and expands once it gets wet. Roses love it too and you can even put it in the compost pile to speed things up. Sweet!


There were already some Onions in the ground and they had been planted through black fleece to keep the weeds at bay since Onions resent having their roots disturbed by weeding.


It’s so interesting watching someone else work in their garden. Everyone does it differently. And everyone figures out how to grow successfully in their little pocket of the world. There is no right and wrong way. There is only a good harvest.

2 Comments on “Planting Potatoes in Colorado

  1. Oh heavenly to see a piece of Colorado! I love how differently people do things and what works best where. Alfalfa pellets, now that is interesting!

    Love and hugs from N. Ireland xx

  2. Just discovered your blog (about 5 years too late!) – loving the posts. I’m especially interested to see whether the GYO habits of the UK and US are shared or different?! What are they growing over there that we’re not?