Carrot Garden

I have given Jackson a bigger patch in the garden and we have been busy digging over and raking in manure. We have also done some planning and deciding what he will grow in his new garden. The conversation went like this. “So Jackson what would you like to grow in your garden?” “I would […]

Christmas Mantle Idea

Here’s a little idea for your Christmas mantelpiece. It’s really simple, just some old wine bottles filled with twigs that have been sprayed silver. With alternate silver candlesticks and tea lights to give everything a nice Christmassy twinkle. And… this idea was totally stolen, as all the best ideas are :)

Getting Excited!

This ornament was a present from a friend but I’ve decided to make it the basis for a Scandinavian theme tree made from a fallen branch that I found in the woods near my house. Once it’s all done I’ll post a photo here.