Carrot Garden


I have given Jackson a bigger patch in the garden and we have been busy digging over and raking in manure. We have also done some planning and deciding what he will grow in his new garden. The conversation went like this. “So Jackson what would you like to grow in your garden?” “I would like to grow Carrots.”
“Okay, what else?”
“Just Carrots Mummy, nothing else, just lots and lots of Carrots.”

So… with that brief we took a trip to the garden centre and bought lots of Carrots. Rondo – a round variety. Rainbow – just for fun. Caracas – a Chanteney type. Early Nantes 2 – for super sweet early Carrots.
We might also go for an Autumn variety later.

6 Comments on “Carrot Garden

  1. aww, but carrots make you wait, wait, wait, both for the seedlings to appear and for eventual harvesting. can be hard for little ones.

  2. I totally agree – Carrots are not ideal for little ones. I think I’ll be planting some Peas too as they are a bit speedier. And he already has two Strawberry plants in his garden.

  3. Carrots do take a long time…but when they do come in they are very fun, especially the multicolored ones because it is a surprise what kind you will pull up. Luckily most kids can plant a few things!

  4. Wonderful child – he knows what he wants, and how to get it – prepare the soil, plant, water, enjoy the beautiful frilly carrot leaves while waiting for harvest. May he always love growing things!
    Mississippi, USA

  5. Carrots yummy! That is amazing you can go to the store in Dec. and find a seed display like that to pick from! I hope your sons carrot do well!