Week 17

Look, it’s our very first harvest (well, if you don’t count the Spinach thinnings a couple of weeks ago). We came back from our trip to find that mtp had gone crazy in our abscence. What with all that lovely rain (and sun) that you’ve been having our tiny plot had possitively flourished. The little gem lettuce had spread out nicely and the potatoes were ready for digging. A couple of them had a bit of blight so we cut the tops off and dug those up first. As you can see we were able to harvest a basket full of potatoes, a few radish, a little gem lettuce, some parsley and a punnet of raspberries – yum. They were delicious, free (apart from the labour) and all my own work!

5 Comments on “Week 17

  1. Just found your website and it’s great! While I was reading it I was nodding in agreement and laughing. This is my first year of being a proper gardener on my very own allotment plot, (well its only half a plot actually, but when digging it over in the winter I was very glad it was only 2.5 rods big – They must be quite big rods that they used to measure it with though thats all I can say!!) I too have an inspector and my first inspection is due 10th July. So, got a couple more weeks to get it ship shape! I love every minute of my back breaking time, wet feet, broken dirty nails, sunburnt back and white face – all in the name of produce my own veg. First feed of broad beans and spuds tonight. How chuffed am I!!

  2. Hi Carolyn, welcome to mtp. Glad you’re enjoying your allomenteering. I love it too. Many a night I have been up at the plot until 9:45pm trying to eke out the hours of daylight so I can pull up one last clutch of bindweed. Then my husband turns up and shouts me from the bottom field saying: “are you coming home or what?” – and I quickly gather up my tools, stash my gloves in the cold frame and sneakily water a few things on my way to the car. I can’t get enough!
    Enjoy your first potatoes – they’ll be ‘delish’ I’m sure.

  3. Look at your veg! Wonderful! Your display knocks my twenty peas on the head, though!

  4. Hmm well to be honest I’ve been slightly economical with the truth in concentrating on my successes. I only have one cabbage left out of 6 and the slugs have eaten my first batch of carrots. ah well – at least I have plenty of potatoes to tide me over!