Week 20

Can you believe this weather? Metcheck has put out a Severe weather warning until the 28th July. Humph! Ah well I managed to get some weeding done last night. I picked some lettuce for the people I work with and noticed that the new batch of radish and spring onions are on their way too! This is me pulling up some of the red onions. We’ve got so many of them. Some are 10cm across I swear! Does anyone know the correct way to dry them or know how to plait them in the traditional (French) way? At the moment I have just tied them with string and hung them from the rafters in our out-building, but it doesn’t have the same ‘rustic’ charm I was hoping for – do you know what I mean? – After rummaging on the Internet I found this site that has some direction on the old-fashioned art of plaiting onions. I’ll be trying it at the weekend!

2 Comments on “Week 20

  1. Don’t be so sure of yourself – the evil one will rise again!